Video Market Demands for A Modern Content Management Platform  

As the tasks of managing, storing, accessing, and dynamically leveraging media assets in a production become more complex, content producers and distributors across all segments of the video services ecosystem are coming to grips with the fact that legacy content management platforms may not be enough anymore. These solutions, which may have been adequate in the early stages of the transition to streaming video services, now fall short of what’s needed today.  

In this whitepaper, we explore the market trends and current limitations of content management platform solutions in play, what the drivers are for next-generation content management solutions, and how content producers and distributors can overcome these new limitations and respond to the aforementioned market developments. We then close with an exploration of the specific needs within the following key market segments: 

  • General Interest Programming 

  • Post Production Services 

  • Sports 

  • Broadcast News Stations 

  • Houses of Worship 

Download the whitepaper to learn about the evolving market demands for modern content management solutions, and what you should look for in a vendor-agnostic content management platform. 

Part 2 of this whitepaper series will provide a deep dive into Telestream’s answer to these demands, and how our content management solutions empower content providers to deliver best-in-class experiences to their audiences with unprecedented ease.