Global Navigation Satellite Systems in Timing and Synchronization: a Technical Brief

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Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), around the world, can be used for synchronization by obtaining timing information from many satellites orbiting the earth. There are several satellite constellations, deployed by several different geo-political entities and the SPG9000 provides access to them all.

Get the Technical Brief titled “Global Navigation Satellite Systems as a Master Clock and Reference Signal for SDI, IP, and Hybrid Media Infrastructures” for an in-depth view of the satellite timing functionality available in the most advanced synchronization product yet to come from Telestream. The SPG9000 includes an integrated multi-GNSS, dual-band receiver, supporting GPS (USA-based system), GLONASS (Russian satellite system), Galileo (European-based), BeiDou, (Chinese-based), and QZSS (Japanese-based) satellite constellations at both L1 and L5 frequencies.

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