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Anchor Success in OTT Shifts to DAI with End-to-End Ad Quality Management

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As advertising becomes epicenter in the competitive video streaming marketplace, there’s nothing more critical to OTT service providers success than reliable ad performance. OTT service providers and their content suppliers can increase revenue by eliminating poor- or non-performing ads, delayed ad starts, and picture quality problems which could lead to viewers abandoning the content and streaming service.

Fortunately, there is a much more favorable ad-performance outlook available to service providers who implement quality control mechanisms that can support TV-caliber advertising performance with all the benefits accruing from dynamic advertising.

The white paper titled “How End-to-End Ad Quality Management Can Anchor Success in OTT Shifts to DAI” will take a deep look at what’s at stake as determined by multiple trend lines related to the need for a robust DAI quality management. These trends include:

  • Growing dominance of ad-based OTT service monetization including the boom in live-streamed content
  • The variations in contextual and addressable ad targeting strategies accompanying the OTT streaming surge
  • New approaches to expanding advertising experience through video interactivity
  • The increasing role of programmatic ad decisioning.

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