Game Creek Video Case Study

Game Creek Video Rolls Out Telestream PRISM Waveform Monitors in Its Latest Truck

Quality and Flexibility are Key

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As the demand for high-quality remote productions using the latest technology continues to grow, Game Creek Video has recently built a new truck for the fall sports and entertainment season. Named Centennial, this powerful SMPTE 2110 IP-based broadcast truck was designed to be flexible, handling formats from HD to 4K with full support for HDR signals to ensure superior contrast and color rendering.

Read the Case Study

This brief case study describes how Game Creek Video, driven by customer demand, installed six Telestream PRISM IP/SDI waveform monitors at multiple positions. These include Camera Shading, Engineering, and the Replay area, where the TD, Tech Manager, and Replay operators have access, either directly or via KVM. There is even a WFM 2300 portable waveform monitor intended to ensure that Game Creek Video can fulfill its mission to ensure signal quality and integrity at every step in the production process.