Managing Video Quality in a Transforming OTT Streaming Marketplace

Managing Video Quality in a Transforming OTT Streaming Marketplace

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Subscribers turning to OTT services as their primary sources of TV entertainment won’t tolerate anything less than a TV-caliber viewing experience. With so many services to choose from, they can easily express their displeasure at poor quality by going elsewhere. The trigger to service hopping doesn’t necessarily require a major service disruption; it can be something as minor as low resolution, buffering, or too much pixelation.

Adding to the complications, OTT streaming typically entails involvement of multiple third-party suppliers over which service providers don’t have direct control. They must be able to see how providers of cloud compute, turnkey publishing, distribution, ad management and other services are impacting their service.

The white paper titled “Managing Video Quality in a Transforming OTT Streaming Marketplace” addresses the following:

  • The impact of OTT Transformation on Video Quality Monitoring
  • The High Costs of Consumer Dissatisfaction
  • Defining the Right Approach to OTT Video Quality Management
  • A Quality Management System Uniquely Suited to Today’s OTT Video Market

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