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Geoff Tognetti

Geoff Tognetti

Senior Vice President of Content Management

Ernest Russell

Ernest Russell

Senior Product Marketing Manager of Content Management


Smart Media Content Management

Managing the cost and operational impact of cloud integration

Recorded August 25, 2022 Watch on-demand Your Desk!


Join Telestream for a solution-oriented webinar that will cover:

  1. Why consider migrating content to the cloud
  2. Factors to consider when migrating to the cloud
  3. Managing storage in a cloud and hybrid environment
  4. Cost-effective storage management

This webinar will be beneficial to people who manage large media libraries or are interested in integrating Cloud into their media workflows.

You will be able to learn more about how smart Content Management can simplify your Cloud integration. Please join us to hear more.

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Please note: The webinar duration is about 20 minutes.

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