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Timed Text Speech uses the latest machine learning (ML) technology to accurately transcribe human speech into time-stamped text. The transcript can then be edited and formatted for a variety of caption and subtitle standards. Plus, Timed Text Speech can be accessed directly from within Telestream captioning and subtitling software, Stanza, and CaptionMaker.

Get a sneak peek of Timed Text Speech to see how with Telestream Cloud, you can:

  • create a transcription project, add optional vocabulary terms, and select a timed text file format (SRT, JSON, CSV)
  • upload a video file to the project
  • Timed Text Speech extracts the audio, and the transcribed results appear in the web console
  • review and edit the transcription
  • download the timed text file
  • produce captions and subtitles for time-sensitive content to air on TV or the Internet with short turnaround times, as well as short-form content such as promos that require captioning
  • get a time-efficient solution to speed up their service with a cost-effective and easy-to-use automated transcription option

If you’re a Vantage user, Vantage Cloud Port is an ideal way to migrate transcoding and media processing workflows to the cloud. Vantage customers have not only used Vantage cloud-enabled actions, but they have also uploaded workflows and run them entirely in the cloud.

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