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Sherpa has helped Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies produce some truly memorable events in recent years.

Check out our best practices, guidance, and tips for hosting a high-quality, highly-attended virtual event in this free, interactive eBook.

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As businesses adopt more digital and video-based event strategies, many have to forge new paths for their inaugural virtual events. For those who are just now beginning to invest in these efforts, the complexities and unforeseen logistical details can make the task seem daunting. Sherpa is here to make things easier.

Over the last several years, Sherpa has helped Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies host high-profile and high-volume virtual events with live streaming video, some exceeding millions of viewers, all without quality loss or delivery issues. Through our work with these companies, we’ve amassed some best practices and guidance to help virtual and hybrid event hosts ensure they’ve checked all the boxes in advance and make their live video streams tremendously successful.

In this free, interactive eBook, we will share some of the different strategies one may take with respect to a live-streaming event, what steps to follow in order to adequately prepare for any type of event, and other key considerations such as audience engagement, content strategy, and more.