Telestream Cloud Qualify was made for media professionals and is built upon the Telestream Media Framework. Users don't need to be experts in the myriad of video formats and containers in use worldwide.

Qualify supports manual and automated workflows, which means you: 

  • Have a QC tool that is the best of Vidchecker and Aurora running in Telestream Cloud—the technology used to build Qualify came to Telestream from three separate acquisitions.
  • Don’t need multiple tools; test many different types of media, including IMF/DCP/ABR/HDR as well as many other common video codecs and containers for various quality control issues.
  • Get new features faster because the service is modular and constantly updated (there is no software to download and install – Qualify is SaaS).
  • Get accurate test data presented in easy-to-read, interactive media QC reports.

With Telestream, a cloud-agnostic media company, you choose your preferred cloud provider, unlike other cloud-native services that lock customers into their cloud infrastructure.

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