PRISM: Software-Defined Waveform Monitor Solutions for Every Application

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Are you on an engineering, operations, or creative team at a media operation? Do you work in a control room, production truck, studio, set, or postproduction operation? If you answered “yes” to any of those, then PRISM has a configuration for you.

PRISM is recognized as an innovative reinvention of the Waveform Monitor. Applications for it continue to expand, and PRISM is now a complete family of products that have become the most flexible solution for any application.

PRISM’s position as a renowned industry leader comes from its unique architecture as a software-defined instrument. That is what makes a single instrument so flexible that it’s suitable for any application from operational SDI monitoring to engineering-grade IP analysis, from engineering to production, and even from audio to video.

The design supports many applications and standard formats (including 8K UHD) with a common user interface throughout.

We are sure that you will want to discuss the power of the PRISM family of innovative, extremely flexible, software-defined waveform monitors.

To get started, download our comprehensive technical guide to diagnosing IP media networks. It will help you understand how the right choice of instruments – PRISM - will benefit your business today.

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