Diagnosing IP: Bridging the Gap Between Broadcast and Network Monitoring and Measurement

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In a typical broadcast workflow, it is necessary to monitor the ingest of multiple streams of content from remote locations like sporting venues or other live event locations. Operators must check for the presence, and confirm the integrity, of many video, audio, and data signals. These tasks must be accomplished regardless of whether the topology is SDI, IP, or a hybrid. The needs may be independent of infrastructure type but the ways we accomplish the required measurements depend a great deal upon it.

In this video you will learn:

  1. How you can monitor diverse signals at various points from incoming content, through processing inside the facility, to broadcast and distribution.
  2. The importance of checking the video, audio, and data essence at each point in the chain to confirm the requisite video levels, validate that audio levels comply with loudness regulations, and ensure that metadata - like closed-captioning and subtitles - are present within the streams.
  3. How the Telestream PRISM media analysis platform will meet those needs today and into the future.
  4. How PRISM can tightly link with the Inspect 2110 exception-based ST-2110 monitoring tools to create a comprehensive monitoring solution where you can easily perform in-depth analyses of issues that may occur.
  5. 5. Practical solutions and specific examples.

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