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Since media companies around the world use a wide variety of codecs and containers, the enhancements include an overwhelming amount of capability added for transcoding purposes. This means more speed and automation for transcoding workflows.

The latest Vantage Enhancements include:

  • transcode Grass Valley HQX (formally Canopus HQ/HQX) so editors no longer need to waste time performing these tasks on their editing workstations
  • Colorfront’s state-of-the-art color processing within Vantage brings true plug-and-play simplicity, as well as a solution to today’s complex multi-source, multi-deliverable production needs
  • a third party connector within Vantage, for media companies that prefer Grass Valley Alchemist for high quality frame rate conversion, to create orchestrated workflows that include their technology

Plus, more capability for:

  • FFV1 Encoding - a lossless, intra-frame video codec
  • Sony XAVC – Vantage now supports XAVC HD and HD Intra plus XAVC 4K and 4K Intra
  • Automated interface to Harmonic Spectrum video playout servers. While Vantage has worked with this system for some time, Vantage is now able to prepare media files within automated workflows in the cloud, via Vantage Cloud Port
  • HDR10+ (Vantage already supports SDR/HDR conversions and HDR10)
  • Support for AS-11, DVCPro and DVC Pro HD, AV1, Tachyon 9

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One more thing in case you missed it:

Vantage also offers enhanced, automated composition – no other transcoding solution is able to create and re-time video, audio, and captions and subtitles using a Composition Markup Language (CML) across so many automated workflows. Instead of performing repetitive editing tasks to change titles and graphics, for example, users can build compositions to programmatically get the job done. Compositions can be built to trim, segment, stitch, clip, overlay video, transition, cross fade, perform audio-overs, route video, add graphics, re-time and more. Reduce the huge volume of repetitive media composition and editing tasks to a manageable set of automated programs.