The recent COVID-19 pandemic has only made Edit @Home production more relevant. In many cases, it is impossible to transport more than a small team from their home base (which, today, might be their home) to a remote location. Edit @Home production might be the only practical solution at present.

And global events, like FIFA World Cups and the Olympics, are no longer the only productions that can benefit from Edit @Home. Regional entertainment and sporting events, college sports productions, and regional news bureau shows— which have all of the same production requirements as the high-visibility global events — can also obtain significant benefit from this technology.

Find out more about these benefits that are within reach when the capture system is specifically designed for smaller productions. Learn more about the techniques that may make it unlikely to go back to the “traditional” way of producing high-visibility events.

Get a copy of the brief "Remote Production – the new norm for projects large and small: Regional events can now leverage Edit @Home just like the high-visibility, global ones."

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