New Post Production Tools Equip Workflows for HDR & 4K Surge

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With Telestream’s introduction of the widely used PRISM waveform monitor for postproduction, personnel can now cover all the bases for managing HDR color and luminance along with 4K and even 8K pixel density within a single workflow.

Complementing PRISM, Telestream’s Vidchecker QC monitoring system and Switch player provide the additional elements professionals need to keep pace with all the tasks related not only to HDR but also to processing SDR-formatted 4K content and ensuring conversions between HDR and SDR are executed as intended.

The white paper includes:

Part One:

  • Display Trends Reshaping Postproduction Workflows
  • New Dimensions in Luminance and Color
  • The Shift to HDR-Enabled UHD and HD Content
  • 8K UHD

Part Two: The New Dimension in Postproduction QC

  • SDR, 4K UHD, and HDR
  • Luminance Dynamics and the Human Visual System

Part Three: Accommodating HDR in the Postproduction Workflow

  • Outdated Tools
  • Telestream Solutions

Video postproduction teams face challenges posed by new dynamics in coloration, luminance, and pixel density which can only be met with quality management tools that have been designed for the tasks at hand.