A general-purpose, Real-time, No-reference Video-Quality Assessment Tool

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The heart of TekMOS is a machine learning algorithm. TekMOS decodes each frame to base-band and extracts from the luminance (Y’) component a set of features related to perceived video quality characteristics. Artifacts such as blur, noise and over-compression tiling create different variations in these features from a high-quality scene.

The white paper provides the reader with the following information:

  • Introduction
    • What is no-reference video-quality and is it better or worse than full-reference?
  • TekMOS & Machine Learning
    • How does machine learning apply to video quality assessment?
  • TekMOS Algorithm
    • How does it work and what aspect of machine learning does it use?
  • Accuracy of Evaluations
    • How accurate is TekMOS?

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