Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans are Now a Critical Aspect of Media Operations

Remote work, remote production, and business continuity are notably more important than ever. Remote login to NLE workstations is only a partial solution for remote workflows because it allows editors to have access to the power they need to do their job. But what about all of the non-creative work that's required such as transcoding, making a screener, adding captions, or changing frame rates, for example? 

It's inefficient if those powerful editing workstations are tied up doing non-creative work. Media companies need to move their content into the cloud to remove dependencies on specific locations. Plus, 26 percent of the media companies that move to the cloud mention “the improvement of collaboration between facilities” as the main driver for their decision (IABM survey). 

Are business continuity & disaster recovery plans a critical part of your media operations?

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