Practical High Dynamic Range (HDR) Broadcast Workflows

The Essential Guide from The Broadcast Bridge

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If you want to understand and build HDR workflows or you need to get the best out of HDR, download the Essential Guide that:

  • addresses HDR from the perspective of the HVS (Human Visual System) and discusses what makes HDR so immersive
  • explains why HDR is having such a massive positive impact on the industry
  • explains from the creative angle the intricacies of monitoring for any program maker looking to deliver the visual edge

To completely understand how to leverage the benefits of HDR one must look deep into the HVS to gain insight into exactly one would like to achieve.

The guide provides practical insight and shares how HDR workflows are addressed in broadcast workflows through real-life examples. Due to the differing screen brightness, comparing SDR and HDR images may not be as straightforward as it may first seem. A working solution to address this is demonstrated.