Content providers, broadcasters, and advertisers are in the midst of the digital revolution. Disruptive technologies challenge the production, post, and delivery processes. These technologies when embraced and implemented appropriately can play a vital role in businesses extending to their audience (their customer) a greater quality of service and experience.

This webinar series will dig into topics including UHD, HDR, Wide Color Gamut, and OTT. Discussions will include the challenges across the production, post, and delivery processes. More importantly, we will share what the challenges mean and how to resolve or work around them. Plus, we’ll provide insights on how to capitalize on them.

The webinar series includes:

Recorded on
March 25, 2020
Recorded on
May 6, 2020
Register to watch on-demand: Ensure a great OTT Advertising experience for your viewers
Register to watch on-demand: Demystifying HDR in Post Production

Topics include:
- dramatic technology and process shifts that lead to OTT Advertising challenges

- using automated synthetic clients to gain visibility of customer ad experience

Topics include:
- enhancements to traditional waveform and vector modes, along with a new type of waveform display

- new measurements to aid with HDR grading

- multiple false color modes for HDR/WCG grading

Recorded on
May 27, 2020
Recorded on
June 10, 2020
Register to watch on-demand: Keys to successful production, processing and delivery of HDR content
Register to watch on-demand:Key aspects of media processing workflows for remote working and disaster recovery

Topics include:
- the challenges, what they mean and how to resolve or work around them

- advantages and limitations of different types of conversions

Topics include:
- how to leverage remote and cloud solutions for remote working

- how to quickly switch to remote production when control rooms go offline or are unavailable

- how to execute media processing workflows entirely in the cloud

- how to leverage cloud-based workflows and remote production in your disaster recovery plans

- how to get started