Essential Guide from The Broadcast Bridge:

OTT Monitoring

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The Essential Guide is a fact-packed methodical intensive resource for anybody wanting to learn about OTT and how to monitor internet distribution systems including CDN.

Starting with an overview explanation of OTT operation, The Broadcast Bridge describe HLS and DASH systems, and how multivariable bitrate streaming improves the viewer experience. They compare OTT to traditional broadcast and uncover the intricacies of OTT distribution. They then dig deep into HTTP and TCP, and the major impact it has on video and audio streaming.

The guide includes practical scenarios and real-life problems presented to show how and what we need to monitor. File segmentation, latency, and congested networks are all described, investigated, and discussed.

Download The Essential Guide if you need to break down silos and really get to understand where and how faults occur in OTT distribution.