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Ensuring Video Quality Across the Remote PHY Distributed Access Architecture with Telestream’s Surveyor TS: A Technical White Paper

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As cable operators move to Remote PHY (R-PHY) Distributed Access Architecture (DAA), they need to include video quality assurance as it is an integral component of the deployment strategy success and helps ensure the return on investment.

This technical white paper is a view into Surveyor TS (Transport Stream)—a high capacity, scalable MPEG-2 Transport Stream monitor—that provides comprehensive digital QoS monitoring with more capacity in a smaller network footprint than the prior generation solutions.

Get the white paper to find out how Surveyor TS continuously monitors up to 20 Gbps of video traffic at line rate and in real-time, measuring, trending and alarming on the TR 101-290 and QoS metrics for each program.  

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