As the media industry continues to consolidate and more and more end-users demand Over-the-Top (OTT) video services, companies are challenged with the need to be more agile and cost-efficient.

Cloud solutions can help solve some of these issues; however, there may not be a clear path to make the transition to cloud-based media processing. One size does not fit all.

During the webinar, Shawn Carnahan will share and discuss:

  1. The Current Cloud Situation:
    • External factors (e.g., OTT content dev) that contribute to some of the cloud confusion: consolidation, pressures to be cost-conscious, and competitive dynamics
    • What he’s learned in conversations with customers of all size including examples from Vantage customers: challenges encountered as they try to leverage cloud-based media processing; lessons to be learned
  2. Resolution for Success
    • Insight into what you may be experiencing with your cloud transformation
    • Solutions to minimize disruption and ease cloud transformation for media processing: new technologies (with maintenance and support included) for companies developing orchestration systems and methods
    • Cloud Transformation Velocity: a cloud portfolio that affords each customer a great deal of flexibility, agility, and value

Shawn Carnahan

There isn’t one path to cloud transformation. Each situation is unique. Knowing what to anticipate—the successes and potential hurdles—in your cloud transformation can save you time and money.


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