Frost & Sullivan Award

Telestream Recognized as The 2019 Market Leader in the OTT Monitoring & Compliance  Market

Frost & Sullivan’s global teams of analysts and consultants research a wide range of markets across multiple industries and regions. A core aspect of the research is to determine the leaders in each market, or, to be precise, the market share leaders. This is a rigorous exercise that involves analyzing revenue and shipments for each company, and cross-verifying this analysis through primary and secondary research, ultimately resulting in a clear determination of the market leader.

The Frost & Sullivan award write-up includes:

  • Background and Company Performance
    • Industry Challenges
    • Market Leadership of Telestream
  • Significance of Market Leadership
  • Understanding Market Leadership
  • Key Performance Criteria
  • Best Practices Recognition: 10 Steps to Researching, Identifying, and Recognizing Best Practices
  • The Intersection between 360-Degree Research and Best Practices Awards  
    • Research Methodology
  • About Frost & Sullivan


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