Telestream and Aspera Enable Revolutionary Remote Live Sports Production


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At the heart of FOX Sports’ new live production workflow is Telestream Lightspeed Live:

  • Provides baseband encoding of real-time HD and UHD into production-grade mezzanine video file formats in use worldwide, while simultaneously supplying a streaming proxy for each channel being processed
  • Eliminates baseband routing and utilization by delivering professional production file formats directly in to almost any edit, archive and playout system
  • Eliminates the need to tie up costly point-to-point backhaul systems, such as direct fiber or dedicated satellite links: instead, the live feed will be continuously available throughout the event via standard internet data connections

Additionally, Fox Sports digital content group chose Telestream Wirecast to create a professional looking live stream that mimics the Fox Sports TV broadcast while offering digital elements such as responding to social media. The Wirecast switcher enables operators to switch sources and feature guests from anywhere in the world. The layers interface inside Wirecast enable operators to feature multiple picture-in-picture displays with graphics such as scores, stats, Tweets, and other relevant match data.

Plus, Telestream has been able to confirm a smooth and efficiently delivered playback experience by utilizing Telestream IQ probes to monitor performance across the delivery chain.

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