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Passive monitoring alone isn’t an option when you want to deliver the quality of experience (QoE) your customers expect and deserve.

During the webinar, hear various topics discussed including:

  • five strategies operators can implement to improve video quality assurance without breaking the bank
  • how smaller scale operators can create a tier one video quality monitoring system
  • why you need to move beyond finger-pointing due to unverifiable/unenforceable SLAs
  • how to catch quality issues before they affect your brand, your bottom line, and your ROI
  • how to transform passive video monitoring into a proactive early warning system
  • the strategic benefits of adaptability and flexibility
  • how to leverage big data and analytics to drive continuous improvement

Join Brian Mahony, CEO and Principal Analyst, Trender Research, and Telestream quality monitoring experts for this one-hour webinar. Find out about the five strategies to assure high-quality video, stay within your budget, and how to stop the finger pointing.

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